Don’t burn
this book

Thinking for Yourself in an Age of Unreason

I'm so excited to announce my first book Don’t Burn This Book is available for pre-order. I've put my heart and soul into this book and I can't wait to share it with you. Thanks for your support!


from outrage mobs and online
censorship to activists
masquerading as journalists—is
waging war against the last free
thinkers in the world.

This book is both an explanation of the current political upheaval and your guide to surviving it

America, and the West in general, is in the midst of an identity crisis that’s headed towards an outright revolution. The progressive left, once the advocates of free expression and individual autonomy, now undermine these values at every turn. This uncomfortable truth has turned moderates and true liberals into the politically homeless class.

In response, Dave Rubin launched his political talk show The Rubin Report in 2015 as a laboratory for anyone trying to make sense of our shifting political landscape. He discusses the most controversial issues of the day with people he both agrees and disagrees with, including those who have been dismissed, deplatformed, and even despised before they’ve had a chance to speak for themselves. Based on his own story as well as his experiences from the front lines of the free speech wars, this book will inspire you to make up your own mind about what you believe on any issue, and show you how to:


Dave Rubin is the creator and host of the breakout political talk show The Rubin Report. A former progressive turned classical liberal, Dave has shared the journey of his political awakening with millions. He speaks all over the world, including touring with Dr. Jordan Peterson and performs stand-up comedy in cities around the U.S. Originally from New York, he lives in Los Angeles with his husband, David, and his dog, Emma. This is his first book.

Published by Penguin Random House on

April 28, 2020

Limited number of SIGNED COPIES available only at Barnes & Noble through May 8!